Complex organo-mineral fertilizers «Live Soil»
  • Designed for all types of crops
  • Concentrate with high content of humic and fulvic acids
  • Efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective fertilizers
  • Source of amino acids, proteins, enzymes and other beneficial soil microorganisms
ECO Trade – high performance fertilizer manufacturer
ECO Trade ООО (LLC) proposes to consider applicationof our multipurpose complex organo-mineral "Live Soil" fertilizer for increased efficiency of your company's agricultural production.

Our production facilities are located in Russia, in a clean, pollutant-free locality near Veliky Novgorod, we produceliquid complex high-concentrationorgano-mineral "Live Soil" fertilizers.

"Live Soil" fertilizers feature liquid humic fertilizer containing a set of macronutrients.
"Live Soil" fertilizer is produced from unique raw material –lacustrine sapropel.

Presentation of our production
Complex organo-mineral «Live Soil» fertilizers

  • 1
    Wide range of applications
    Designed for pre-sow treatment of seed materials,root system and crops during growing season, destruction of plant residue, land reclamation
  • 2
    Developed by Russian experts in the agroecology field
  • 3
    High-quality raw materials
    Can only be mined from a limited number of fields
  • 4
    Production is based on the technology of humicmolecules break down
    Into fine fragments that preserves and enhances useful features of humates, increasing bioavailability and efficiency of nutrients intake into plant and soil
  • 5
    10 years of use
    successfully tested and used at the Russian market from 2009
  • 6
    Wide geography of application
    Proved effective in growing all crops peciesin the territory of Russia and abroad
The effect
of complex organo-mineral «Live Soil» fertilizers
Increased productivity of crops pecies that remain ecologically pure
Reduced production cost
Stimulation of plant grow thand development at all stages of plant vegetation up to 50-80%
Increased field germination rate

Intensified root formation
- germinative energy and capacity
- quantity and weight of grains per ear
- quantity and weight of potato tubers

Reduced growth cycle
Improved quality and characteristics of agricultural products:
- grains – gluten, protein
- beetroots – sugar
- potatoes – starch
Improved palatability and nutritive value of products
Increased crop yield by 20 –50%
Increased term of products storage
Improved resistance to pests and diseases
Improved resistance to adverse climatic conditions – droughts, frosts etc.
Application technology
for complex organo-mineral «Live Soil» fertilizers
1 "Live soil" / 50 soft water ordresser

Working solution
for seed treatment –0.2 l/ 10 lof soft water or dresser

Working solution consumption–10 l/ 1 tofseeds

Time of treatment – not later than 1 day prior to sowing

1 "Live Soil"/ 1000 soft water

Fertilizer consumption
for foliar fertilizing of plants– 0.5 l / ha.

Working solution– 0.5 l of "Live soil" / 500 lof soft water

Working solution consumption–500 l / ha.

1 "Live Soil"/ 500 soft water

Fertilizer consumption
for plant root treatment – 1.0 l/ ha

Working solution–1 l of "Live Soil" / 500 l of soft water

Working solution consumption–500 l / ha
2 "Live Soil"/ 300 softwater
urea adding is possible 15.0 kg/ha

Fertilizer consumption
for destruction of plant residue – 2.0 l / ha

Working solution–2 lof "Live Soil" / 300 l of soft water

Working solution consumption–300 l / ha
of using complex organo-mineral "Live Soil" fertilizers
  • Stable increase of crop yield by 20-50%
  • Improve crop yield quality by a larger content of gluten, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, oil in sunflowers, which results in increased selling price of grown products
Reduced fertilizer consumption
  • Reduce the fertilizer application rates down to 30%
  • Reduce personnel hours for treatment of plants owing to combining "Live Soil" fertilizer with mineral fertilizers, crop protecting agents and biological swith in onework cycle of plant treatment
  • Increase the efficiency of pesticides by as much as 30%
  • Enhance ment of soil fertility without additional costs of its detoxication and sanitation
Reduction of ripening time and loss
  • Reduction of ripening time for agricultural products by 2 to 3 weeks – START HARVESTING EARLIER to get access to better market conditions and prices
  • Reduction of losses due to unfavorable climatic conditions – drought, frost etc.
Increase in terms of fruiting and storage of products
  • Increase the period of fruit-bearing, which is important for vegetables and fruit – END HARVESTING LATER
  • Increased term of product storage, reduction of storage losses owing to better preservation capacity
Profitable expense
  • One liter of "Live Soil" substitutes for a ton of black mold or a hundred kilograms of bio-humus
  • Low production cost of a unit of active substance as compared to granulated forms
  • Highly concentrated – used in low doses
of using complex organo-mineral "Live Soil" fertilizers
Easy entry
  • Provided greater application uniformity as compared to granular fertilizers
  • Contribute to amore precise do sage for distribution over the area
  • Application requires much less ancillary equipment than application of granular fertilizers
Efficiency of storage and transportation
  • Reduced costs of storage, application and loading for transportation as compared to solid fertilizers
  • The logistics is highly efficient because the fertilizers have liquid state and high concentration – less time is spent for loading and transportation of fertilizers
  • Have flowing characteristics, are neither dust-forming nor caking, no adverse effect is caused by humidity
The possibility of integrated use
  • May be applied in combination with plant-protection products in one tank mixture
  • Combining the complex with micronutrients is effectives for split dressings o fvegetating plants, as it provides simultane ous root and foliar fertilizing; depending on the crop development stage and the equipment used the mixture is diluted with water to a required proportion
Improving soil and product properties
  • Improves agrochemical properties, composition and aeration of the soil
  • Provides balanced feeding of plants with all required micro- and macronutrients
  • Improves the quality and taste of products
of using complex organo-mineral "Live Soil" fertilizers
Safety of use
  • Contain no chemicals or hazardous substances
  • Have no toxic, mutant or cancer-inducing effect
  • No contamination with weed seeds, pests or infectious germs
  • Harmless for plants, animals, useful insects and humans
Soil restoration
  • Restore soil fertility
  • Clean the soil from heavy metals, radionuclides, pesticides and other chemical pollutants
  • Increases the soil water holding capacity
  • Acts as decomposers accelerating plant residue destruction and activating the formation of humus
  • Activates the immune system in plants, increasing their resistance to diseases and adverse climatic conditions

of complex organo-mineral "Live Soil" fertilizers
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